4 May 2015

Real, passive income, in six easy steps. Second step.

Real, passive income, in six easy steps. Second step.
Step 2:
Joining the business.
What??? I have to join now, already?
Yes, you do. After this, only four steps remain to achieve real, passive income and you have to admit; if you have a five step plan, you cannot reach the results of passive income in one step.
Do you know why most people don’t join the MLM business?
Yes, they are affraid that people, whom they offer this opportunity to, will refuse them.
Let’s be honest, this is an understandable fear. Not everyone is born to be a salesperson (agent). Even if that person is aware that knowledge can be mastered, the fear of rejection is strong enough to stop them.
But I have fantastic news!
There is no rejection in online networking!!!
rejectionIf you send e-mails, advertise your business online, people, who get the message and check your website, won’t refuse you. If they are not interested in it, they will just simply close the website, they will never say “NO” to your face. Do you understand? There is no rejection!
Examine a simple case from the online world!
You meet someone, for example a friend, an acquaintance or a stranger. You can’t and don’t even want to talk about Ganoderma products and the business opportunity. You give this person a sachet of Ganoderma coffee to taste and ask her/him to check your website. Your website will do the job for you; it will sell the product and the business opportunity. There is no rejection and you do not need to talk her/him into anything.
What do you think? Is it going to work? I think so. I’m certain, that you – who is reading this now and you were skeptical until now have started considering it.
We have to stop here. I’m going to tell you about the second step. I’m going to explain the way you can join, step by step.
There is only one requirement of joining, but if you skip that, you can’t be successful.
The first step is what I have written in my previous letter.
Create your own, solid internal motivation with rational arguments, facts, that you can tell to your skeptical and pessimistic acquaintances, who want to divert you from your true aim, from real passive income.
Are you ready? Let’s go!
1.Fill in the online application form and order a minimum of one product:
Become a New Member
Buy A Product (for EU citizens – for other CLICK HERE)
2.You choose a website (not compulsory). You can apply the website after confirming your application.
Before you take the above mentioned steps, please read through my previous letter again carefully, check my website. It is very important to make a well-founded decision!
Many people have been disappointed in the MLM business. One of the most important reasons is that they didn’t take everything into consideration, they were recruited, persuaded and they didn’t join on their firm belief.
The most important reason why it had happened was, that these people didn’t think it through properly, they were talked into it, forced into it, they couldn’t resist the pressure and the external influence and it wasn’t eventually their own well-founded decision. I want to protect you from this.
I wish you success and have a nice day!

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