24 May 2016

Page with online store

I have new page

Where you can find online store and buy all DXN products.
Buy products online and receive them on home address Mauritius 
There are even more products than in Mauritius. Only problem is, that delivery will be from Europe. This mean that delivery will take some time.

Visit my new page: life-diet.org
And found out more about me, my project.
Here are few word about my mission.

My mission is not dieting

My mission is to found truth about food and no dieting
My mission is to researched about food and health. Which statements are true and which are just myths or propaganda. I will write about fast food and explore WHY is unhealthy and how it works on body. And much more.
My mission is about what can we do about eating healthier food. Not just healthier, but to change your diet.
I DON’T BELIEVE in dieting.  I believe if you starve for week or 2 or even more and after you go to previous diet it’s just shock for your body. I believe that you need to change your diet for lifetime. If you go to dieting is lifetime dieting.
And I believe that  that eating must be fun. You must enjoy your food and not starving or eating salad and looking into cake. I will try to find out what mind – thinking got to do with it.
I hardly wait what experiences will life brings on my path.
In this blog you won’t found only diet, but also finance.
You can have life diet with food, money and relationships.

Do visit my page. life-diet.org

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