2 Apr 2014

My story - Mojca Jan Jerman


My story - Mojca Jan Jerman

This is how and why I begin with DXN. This is my story.
Good morning,
I'm beautician, specialize on Aromatherapy, by my first profession. I worked in beauty salons for around 12 hours daily for more than 7 years. It was just the matter of time where on my body I will see consequences.  So I had contact dermatitis and atopic dermatitis. So strong that I couldn't wash my hair alone and the worst I couldn't bath my new born.
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In middle of my maternity I found ganoderma products. Not DXN, some else. Me and partner quickly found the benefits of using them. But unfortunately they been (still are) very expensive. So we start to research for new products. And we found DXN.   
The best of DXN products is that you can intake ganoderma with daily coffee or tea, you can put it directly on skin with DXN cosmetic. I’m such a person who found something new, use it for week or two and forget about it. But I never forget my daily coffee. NEVER!
So I take my health support on daily basic with DXN coffee.
In 7 months of using DXN products (ganoderma coffee and cosmetics) my problems with skin gone. The redness, pain, itch, ...
And this give me proof that DXN products works!
One of my downline had psoriasis.  In 4 months of using DXN ganorma powder symptoms almost gone. She is now doing test with her father.
I know 3 people with diabetics. Only with using DXN ganoderma powder their sugar in blood fall.
And what is the best part of this. When you use this products they pay you for that. You drink coffee and get pay!!!
How awesome is that!
If you have diabetic, dermatitis, high pressure, cancer, night blindness, low immune system, bronchitis, cirrhosis of liver, stress, .... or you need more extra money.

I wish you great day,

Mojca JJ

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